Learn about the places where digital art is tokenized, sold, traded and exhibited - backed by blockchain technology


Arists who are new to the blockchain market are often confused about how their artworks become backed by blockchain technology, and where the tokenized pieces of art can be sold, traded and exhibited. Also, there are products available which can be used to certify and verify physical artworks as well as digital items in order to track their provenance. For collectors, it might be interesting to gain an overview of places where blockchainart and cryptocollectibles are sold and traded.

For this reason, we compiled a list containing platforms, marketplaces and all-inclusive dApps which can be used to tokenize, display, buy and sell art on the blockchain.

We are neither able to cover all aspects of tokenizing, nor do we intend to do so. Thus, the following is best to be seen as a quick and dirty start into the blockchainart and cryptocollectibles field. For the very first basics, i.e. owning crypto currencies and getting hold of a wallet and addresses please refer to our ONBOARDING: BLOCKCHAIN BASICS section.

Please note:
This is not advice. What you can read here and in the following is just a report about our own experiences, basing on our own activities. It worked for us and is not representative. Right, this doesn't mean that it will work for you as well. Anyway, if you are not sure how to get active in the space, we strongly suggest that you inform yourself properly on other resources! You are responsible for your actions, not us. For further information, please read carefully our disclaimer.
You think something is essentially wrong or something essential is missing? Please contact us via the usual channels: twitter or e-mail.



Tokenizing only

The first step to master when providing art backed by blockchain technology is to "put them on the blockchain", which is to "tokenize" the work. In case you should not have chosen one of the all-in-one platforms to take care of your digital artwork from tokenizing to offering it for sale, dApps like the following one provide the technology to tokenize artworks, which then can be sold via third-party market places.


Gallery only

Your artwork is tokenized and you want to simply keep it and watch it online? Then, you can make use of a gallery dApp which allows you to exhibit it.


Tokenizing and gallery

If you want to show your tokenized artworks, and prepare them for being sold on a third-party market place, you can revert to the following solutions.


Marketplace and gallery

Once you own a tokenized artwort, you can offer it on an independent market place. Of course, it is important to choose a market place which covers the type of blockchain, and within the standard your token is based upon.



Blockchain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC-20; ERC-721


All-in-one solutions

If you want a solution that covers it all - tokenizing, marketplace and gallery - you can become member of one of the following platforms (most are working on "invitation only" and "apply" basis).


Decentralised mobile browsers

You are mega busy and always in a rush, far away from your PC or notebook, and yet want to catch the latest art offer? Never mind, decentralised mobile browsers might be the perfect solution for you. With these apps, you can have one or more accounts, access the decentralised web without additional dApps or extensions, and some even have an integrated gallery feature which allows you to carry you rare digital tokens around with you all the time and show them at call. Isn't this rare art collector's heaven?


Certification and verification

If you are owner of an asset - be it digtial or physical - you can proof and track it's provenance by using dApps which store information about e.g. an artwork's identity and ownership on the blockchain.