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Art stored on and distributed via blockchains is a relatively new, but immersively emerging issue. The success of the first public meeting in this area - the Rare Art Festival, which took place in January 2018 in New York City - as well as follow up events organised by small and big key players in the new and traditional art and curation market is expression of this development, as is the growth of decentralised apps, platforms and marketplaces for tokenizing, selling and buying crypto art and crypto collectibles. The reason why artists, consumers, curators and collectors value the opportunities which are offered by this new way of distribution is rooted in the technological possibilities that meet the needs of artist on the one and the expectations of consumers on the other hand: smart contracts can ensure that art is distributed from the artist to the consumer, without middlemen (or at least a minimum of service charge), rewarding the artist for their work, and certifying originality, origin and ownership of the artwork to the buyer.


With B.A.D, we introduce a mainly edited, partly community fed web directory that serves as a service featuring a comprehensive collection of current, future and former projects which are dedicated to blockchain art, crypto collectibles and Non Fungible Tokens. B.A.D covers visual, auditive and multimedia blockchain art and is open to contents from individuals and institutions active in the field. Information about events, art works, technological developments and further information will contribute to an overview on a wide range of activities related to this ever emerging topic. By providing educational resources related to blockchain, dApps and tools, we help to onboard artists and collectors, and hope not only to empower them, but also to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchainart, cryptocollectibles, blockchaintechnology and crypto currencies.


As the field of blockchain art is relatively new, but the demand is quickly emerging the directory will serve as a useful tool for art makers, curators and consumers to gain visibility and connect through B.A.D.


B.A.D is a free-to-use service. If you would like to see your information added to the data base, please contact us via twitter or e-mail.


B.A.D is drafted, initialised and realized by @judithESSS. The B.A.D logo is designed by blockchain artist Mattia Cuttini. Search and filters on the B.A.D core page were coded by hacker, tinkerer and general technology enthusiast Christopher Maree.

And you

You like B.A.D, but think it could be even better with your skillful input? Plus you find yourself being a programmer, front- or backend developer, webdesigner, artist or any other human being with suchlike useful skills? Then feel free to have a look at our github repo and / or contact us via twitter or e-mail.