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Great you are here to have a look at what is going on in the #blockchainart, #cryptocollectibles and #NFT field.

On this page, you can see the B.A.D entries. They were made by the respective project representatives as well as by B.A.D staff. Entries don't follow any specific order, and as for the B.A.D staff, all projects were chosen randomly.

When loading the page, the full list with all B.A.D entries appears. The latest entry is positioned on top. For the most likely event of you wanting to search the data base and filter for certain features, we provide a set of nice tools: Use the "Search" box for a full text search, and select "Filters" to get access to all categories currently available in the B.A.D database and to show entries according to certain characteristics.

You want to submit something as well? No problem! If you are an artist, a representative of a blockchain art company / institution / network / community / or what ever, organizer of the latest and hottest blockchain art event in town, an AI that draws like picasso, or if you'd love to see your podcast, marketplace or protocol listed on B.A.D - don't hesitate and drop us a line via twitter or e-mail. We'll provide you with a link to our nice submission form. If you'd like to get a preview of what we are going to ask you in the form: Please find a list of items here.



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